Simple Minds

The force of misery, simple minds keeps words unspoken
Rules of eternity, blinded by the knowledge that seems broken

This feels like a cultural crash inside your head
Where there’s one part of you that is the statue of liberty
And I have got self-doubt and everywhere I go makes me stigmatised
The second you is playing solitaire inside the SLRV

When two pieces turns to one, it will leaves me blinded
So here we are stuck inside without identity

When you can’t cover a simple mind, you will be in the longest line
When the queue keeps adding up, it won’t let you go

Reload, get set! Ready to go on now.
Burn my soul. Boil their feet’s in glamorous soap and gasoline
Reload, get set! Ready to go on now.
Prove them wrong, this is right, just a bunch of simple minds

I am boxed up without a single sign of direction in sight
I’m thinking thoughts about the prides missing out, tonight

An urgent rage screaming out inside, can’t get it out
Those minds keep words unspoken as they’re staring at the wall of shame
While we’re watching a former flame
Where’re the fucking ones to blame?
Drowning, dying, penetrating trough the skin

Raw rage is purified; we’ll remember those who died