I surrender my right to self-command and then beg for mercy in your name. And in that moment my face turns ice cold. We see the world and its people and it’s evolving to mass-frustration, a fragile shadow bare the slogan purity!

In shade of truth we shelter behind to retrieve a stained memory, to never feel the pain. We’re crossing broken dreams again. There’s faith where you belong, but all I can see is morbid shame drowned in its moral. It’s why I beg to see a change.

We’re taken away. Lost and misleaded. I feel the angst in a glance gaining up on me.

Confess your faith and disarm our childish minds. I’d rather see the apocalypse. Time elapse while we are standing at the edge of nothing, while we’re trying to avoid the eternal eclipse.

In the world of god, god the father, will god keep you? The god almighty and all the pleasure he bless their souls, and I ask you if the veritable truth in this life is a lie. I prefer my way to the end without faith in war and suffering.