I cannot say to you I like it that much
Not being connected and blown away

The feeling of being alone, some says it’s when you get to know yourself
and sometimes it just appears, to be a natural part of being alive
And every single moment that pass each day gives us something that we need, I wont complain. Neither gets bored when silence hits the night

I’m looking out of an open window into the winter night
There are no stars shining bright

Tonight the pencil in my hand makes the only lonely sound around
It makes me feel free undetonated under the open sky
I know I’m lucky and I have some reasons for being glad
My friends and I can turn the page, to a price you will never have

A lighter flame spits fire to your cigarette, even tough you don’t use to smoke you enjoy every poisoned breath you take

Cannot decide an exact plan for further move, because it can always change.
I’m walking down the line, moving under the open sky
The same old street the same old town
WTF. I’m happy as I am.