Too Proud To Change?

Confusion is your tragic smile, whispering such gently to rewind its only brick of truth, as we watch it fall. One by one, brick by brick, eternal down. Like the words of passion, like the truth of abysmal wisdom. Such pride, that glory and now it all lies squeezing to the ground. Right these things you thought were a reason to blame it on them. Don’t you never mind, we know it will stay the same?

Things that’s never going to change, problems always be the same. We will never learn our faults.

So further away like beyond the things they said that would never fail. Where there any place for the opposites of miss informative injections? Was it more room for more than your greedy better part? Can’t you see these miseries repeat the more you talk about this change.

So here we are in the middle of this situation, wondering what’s coming next what would be the opportunity for me? I guess we all have our right to choose or am I wrong? Are we destined or what? Get together we should be going strong. So stop shouting about who I am, and the reason why I should have known it’s up me! It’s up to you!!