Blowing Bubbles

Some will say it’s true and I bet you will too

Some will say it ain’t, and cry it’s a lie

You say it’s a sorry way of not knowing

We are blowing bubbles for you to live in

And behaving real nice when there’s nothing at stake

The bubble they fly, they fly until they break

Never causing trouble because we’re a happy family

Or is it just the cover of a shitty truth

We’ll blow you a bubble that will suit you nice

An arrow through the air would make a bubble break

And if it ain’t what it was, it sure look like this

And if we spoke something else, we sure spoke shit

So come on, dig with us in this grave

So come on, it’s a mess but they say it is all there is

In every little song is a story so true

In every little song is a falsified truth

That’ll hit you heart in a second
It reflects the life, the true and the false

As a mix of concrete forms another cliché

We have seen pitch black snow